Why is BlesWold Unique?

A2 Milk!

One new aspect we have brought to the yogurt world is that our yogurt is made with 100% A2 Milk. A little background on A2 and how it differs: A2 Milk looks and tastes the same as regular milk, but it is the different protein structure that you will find extremely beneficial to your health. To learn more please see our “Why A2 Milk?” section.


Local Product – Alberta Made!

BlesWold Yogurt is a brand produced by Crystal Springs Dairy Company which is a family owned and operated business. We began by making feta cheese in 2005 – we still make our feta cheese today but have added several products since then. This includes the BlesWold Yogurt! The milk we use is from our own dairy farm which is located right next door – you can't get more 'Alberta Made' then that! The business is run by Evert and his 3 sons. Theo runs the dairy while Jacco and Harvey run the plant where the cheese and yogurt is made.


Farm to Shelf in 3 days!

We make the yogurt as people/stores order it. They order Monday, the yogurt is made on Tuesday/Wednesday and delivered on Thursday. The cows are milked in the morning - the milk is pumped to the plant next door and the yogurt is made that same day. This puts the yogurt on store shelves in ONLY 3 days. 


Simple Ingredients!

We are a small plant so we have very tight control of what goes into each individual container of yogurt – this ensures that no contaminants can be introduced. We use the milk/cream from our own dairy cows and then also some skim milk powder (less than 5%) – we do this to give the yogurts it’s thickness. We also do add a fruit base in our flavoured yogurt but DO NOT use any kind of thickeners or preservatives. This keeps our yogurt ALL NATURAL! We prefer to keep the whole process simple and clean to ensure the best quality.



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