• NEW! Quark Yoghurt

    Level up your baking with our new creamy line of Quark yogurts. The cream cheese style flavour and lower carbs will make any dessert a treat!

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  • A2 Milk

    One new aspect we have brought to the yogurt world is that our yogurt is made with 100% A2 Milk. A2 Milk looks and tastes the same as regular milk, but it is the different protein structure that you will find extremely beneficial to your health.

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  • Sour Cream

    It has a fresh and creamy taste with a smooth texture. Be sure to request it at your local grocery store if it is not already available

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  • Ideal with any fruit.

    At Bles-Wold we’re pretty confident that we make the best, most delicious yogurt that you’ll ever taste. We make it with milk from our own cows at our farm. Made locally and sold locally. Our yogurts are made of all natural ingredients and contain live probiotic cultures.

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New Product Line!

Technically, quark is a soft, spreadable cheese. However, because of its creamy texture, its more often compared to a thick yogurt. We decided to use the knowledge we’ve gained over the years making cheese with our more recent dabbling in yogurt to make a hybrid version. The result is a thick High Protein A2 Yogurt that has notes of cream cheese flavour and a sprinkle of salt. It’s higher in protein and lower in carbs than its dairy relatives.

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